Redefining the Future of Health Care While Building Your Career

Creating a company that is on the cutting edge of health care innovation means hiring creative, passionate people. Your dedication and commitment to the job can make you a leader at CVS Health. Many colleagues start with the organization as individual contributors. Through hard work, they rapidly take on more challenging responsibilities.

Work With Purpose: Career Development at CVS Health

While Cyber Security, Analytics, Human Resources and Management Consultants aren’t the first jobs that come to mind when considering careers in health care, these positions are critical to the smooth operation of our business. The technical aspects of these functions require specialized, in-demand skills, and CVS Health is committed to ensuring that you have the knowledge and tools you need for success, even if you don’t have a lot of experience.

Our goal is continuous learning, so once you have completed your initial training, you can look forward to many more development opportunities as your skills grow. You will gain experience in other areas of the business, preparing you to advance your career. Often, our leaders are selected from current staff members who have demonstrated their ability to thrive in our fast-paced environment.

Collaboration and Innovation: CVS Health Core Values

Many companies advertise open positions with slogans like “Join Our Team!” For CVS Health, collaboration and teamwork are more than just a slogan. Our teams are structured to create a collaborative, caring environment where you can count on your colleagues and leaders to provide you with the support you need to be successful in your role.

We encourage creativity and innovation, and we are always looking for new ideas to improve quality and operate more efficiently. As a CVS Health employee, your contributions are highly valued, and you can be confident that your voice is heard.

We’re hiring! For more information on available opportunities, visit our career site.

Appreciating Diversity at CVS Health

His mother is from Honduras and his father is from Brooklyn, NY and he grew up in the late 60’s and 70’s.  Meet Phil and how his parent’s work ethic and diverse childhood influenced his career decision to become a Pharmacist.

His unique career story will inspire you to learn more about a Pharmacist career at CVS Health and how you too can work with purpose, lead with heart and put people on their path to better health.

Top Reasons Affinity Groups at Work is Good for You

CVS Health Colleague Resource groups set us apart as an organization. They allow us to demonstrate our values as an organization and focus on the growth of our colleagues. Membership is voluntary and encouraged at all levels as an opportunity to network with colleagues from all parts of our business. These groups provide us an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and our business – together. You’ll find our Colleague Resource groups are meaningful and rewarding. Learn more about how CVS Health will support you in your career at CVS Health and hear directly from our colleagues in the video below.

Expanding Prior Authorizations; Decreasing Costs at CVS Health

Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) is a complex business model with moving parts, like government regulations and Medicare, and sitting on the other side of all the complexity are patients needing access to medications and care. With little room for error and lots of room for innovation, CVS Health’s PBM Product and Process Innovation team tackles each complex business challenge with enviable veracity, their tenacity in problem solving only rivaled by their respect and care for patients.

We’re sharing a behind-the-scenes look at how they approach and solve some of the toughest challenges.

“Our projects usually start with big questions,” Christie Callahan, a senior director in Strategic Process Innovation, said.

Callahan and Hillary Moore, Strategic Process Innovation Advisor at CVS Health, partnered to improve quality and efficiency of coverage determination in Medicare, which is a highly regulated segment. Prior authorizations ensure therapies are appropriate for the patients’ conditions, eliminating abuse and minimizing costs for those people who do need medications.

“We wanted to make this a more powerful tool to control costs while still serving our members in the most consistent, accurate, and timely way,” Callahan said.

The team started asking important questions: How do we make prior authorizations more efficient? How do we make our timelines even tighter for our members so they get decisions faster? And how do we make it more cost effective?

Knowing prior authorization resolution is a highly manual process–some cases get reviewed as many as seven times–Callahan and Moore knew there was opportunity to automate pieces of the process. They started by watching prior authorizations flow through the systems.

“We had to figure out what systems they were using, how processing a case worked, where people got stuck,” Callahan said.

From there, the data did the talking and propelled Callahan and Moore to create a road map for 2016 to tackle key areas, such as times pharmacists needed more information from physicians to complete prescriptions.

The process uncovered best time of day to call physicians, who should make the calls, and even the type of written communication that works best for physicians should they be unreachable by phone.

“We needed to come up with an automated solution to get information back from those prescribers and use it to efficiently process more cases for members,” Moore said.

The successful implementation of the tech solution they created reduced costs two-fold: they reduced number of times a case was reviewed while increasing the effectiveness of the review, all while staying compliant with CMS.


CVS Health is growing its PBM Process and Product teams; are you ready to solve some of health care’s toughest challenges? You can see all of our available Process and Product Innovation job opportunities on our career site.

CVS Health Interns Lead with Heart

Andre Jankowski started his career at CVS Health by interning with the company in 2016 as a summer intern working in the Inventory department.

After graduating Bryant University, with a Supply Chain Management and Psychology major, in 2017 Andre joined full-time and is now working as a Senior Consultant in Inventory Operations.

What excites him about working for CVS Health is that there are “so many different people working together to support CVS Health’s purpose: to help people on the path to better health.” He has created a special bond with his teammates, making CVS Health feel like his home away from home. Being surrounded by a supportive and diverse community has helped Andre grow within the company and keeps him motivated.

According to Andre, there is no typical day at CVS Health, which he admires. He comes into work every day open-minded and curious what the day will bring to him because his managers are assigning him projects with his team even if he does not have a background in what the project is. His managers’ faith in him keeps Andre motivated and energized to come into work every day. Also, the way in which shoppers purchase items and their experience is consistently changing, and in Andre’s role, he gets to be a part of that and being a part of CVS Health in general.

Being a recent college graduate, Andre has several career goals for his future to work on, which includes “learning the various parts of the supply chain through hands on work experience, I would like to understand how top companies like CVS Health, ranked #7 on the Fortune 500 list, can move the amount of product they do in the way that they do. Once I understand many different aspects of the supply chain, I would like to step out of the corporate world and consult for small companies doing process optimization and helping them to understand how supply chains work.”

When Andre thinks of what “leading with heart” means to him, he says, “To lead with heart is to understand that everyone is human, we all have parents or loved ones, maybe children and best friends. When we are making decisions that are going to affect people in the world we need to keep in mind that we are all human and we need to look out for one another!”

To learn more about an internship with CVS Health, visit us on our career site at or follow us on social media

RxCrossroads Hiring Event Louisville, KY August 23rd

RxCrossroads, a wholly owned subsidiary of CVS Health, is hosting a hiring event for Case Managers in Louisville, KY!

RxCrossroads Specialty Solutions, a division of Omnicare Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CVSHealth Corporation, whom provides tailored services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Its partner programs are customized to meet the unique needs of each individual brand through an integrated model that provides comprehensive patient services and improves product access, affordability, and adherence. RxCrossroads is also the leading provider of logistics services for plasma and other complicated therapies as well as handling large levels of consigned pharmaceutical inventory used in its patient-specific free drug distribution pharmacy distribution program


Case Managers

Customer Intake Specialists

Please apply online ahead of the hiring event and bring 2 copies of your resume to the event.


You are officially invited!

Date: Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Time:  10:00am – 3:00pm

Where: 1901 Eastpoint Parkway, Louisville, KY 40223

What to expect:

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with our recruiter which you might not be able to access any other way. To help you make the most of your time with us, we’ve pulled together a few tips for attending a CVS Health hiring event.

Before the event you should…

  1. Learn more about CVS Health.
  2. Review the jobs we have available in this location.
  3. Update your resume.
  4. Review the location and make sure you know your way to our office.

During the event you should…

  1. Dress professionally.
  2. Bring a few copies of your resume and a pen and paper for taking notes.
  3. Practice your introduction, including your name and career interests and state the type of position in which you are interested.
  4. Be prepared to ask specific questions like skills necessary, benefits, training and requirements.
  5. Remember to use good eye contact and a firm handshake.
  6. Ask for business cards from each person you meet and understand next steps.

We look forward to meeting you and discussing our available opportunities in Louisville!

Backpack to Briefcase; University Students Gain Experience During CVS Health’s Summer Intern Program 2017

This summer, in 2017, we had a successful outcome of the internship program, here at CVS Health, in our corporate offices. With 72 interns located in 6 different states across the U.S., the students in our master’s/MBA program and undergraduate program have had vast opportunities in their departments to learn about the company and gain the experience they will need when applying for a full-time position.

Meet our interns:

Rafael Rodriguez is an undergraduate student at Syracuse University, studying supply chain management and marketing and working in the Woonsocket distribution center this summer as a Distribution Center Leadership Intern. What Rafael likes most about interning at CVS Health is how his supervisors had set him up to succeed by providing him the resources and tools that he needs to help him with his project. Rafael can apply his knowledge from his classes at college to his internship. When Rafael tells his friends and family about working for CVS Health, he says, “I tell them how much I am learning from a professional standpoint and the perks of working for CVS like my discount card, my office, and how great the team I am working with is.”

Kaina Chen is a Pharmacy Product Development Intern this summer and is an undergraduate student at Dartmouth College, studying chemistry and government. When deciding where to intern, Kaina loved CVS Health because of her interest in health care, as well as the people who had a great influence on her during the interview process. Hearing about current employees’ real-world experiences with the company drew Kaina to the position she has now at CVS Health in the undergraduate internship program. Kaina is proud to share that her “experience in the product development group, so far, has been consistently engaging, and I appreciate everyone who is so willing to give me insights on the day-to-day operations. It is exciting to be constantly surrounded by individuals who are extremely perceptive about the business environment and are constantly thinking a dozen steps ahead.”

Matt Muron is working as an Inventory Intern this summer while getting his MBA at Indiana State University with a concentration in business analytics, and supply chain management with a minor in finance. While searching for an MBA internship program, he “found CVS to be a company that genuinely lives out its purpose of creating a better, healthier world; doing so not only as part of its corporate social responsibility role, but also, as a direct means of achieving its mission”. What excites Matt about working at CVS Health is how the company touches so many people in a positive way and how, no matter what department you work in, you make an impact on the company, as well as on the customers that shop in our locations and use our pharmacy. Matt loves the fun and relaxed work environment as well as the friendliness of everyone he comes across at work. He advises future interns to “keep an open mind about your career possibilities” because of the availability of many different opportunities and departments at CVS Health.

Trent Tolbert is an MBA student and an Inventory Analyst Rx Returns Intern here at CVS Health. Trent attended the undergraduate business school at Dartmouth College, obtained his master’s in management studies at Duke University, and is currently attending Emory University to get an MBA with a concentration in finance. Trent’s project this summer is “to calculate our ‘Waste Floor,’ the unavoidable systematic risk inherent in our industry and current business practices.” Trent loves working for CVS Health because of the company’s moral integrity and the great decisions CVS Health continues to make to help customers. As an MBA intern at CVS Health, Trent appreciates “seeing the direct impact of my work. My project has tremendous scope and freedom so knowing that my project’s output could affect ~10K stores and our millions of customers is tremendous.”

Gui Serrano was a previous intern in the MBA program at CVS Health, working as a marketing and strategy intern in Store Brands. His hard work and his experience with his internship at CVS Health opened up several opportunities at the company. His internship led him to several promotions to his current title of Brand Manager. What enticed Gui to work in Store Brands and retail as a whole was the amount of growth available in the department as well as the fact that “Our decisions today impact sales tomorrow, and I am being literal. We can execute on our strategies and see how customers react on a daily basis.” The thing that truly excites Gui about the company is that “CVS is probably the only retailer in the drug channel that actually stands for something and makes purposeful decisions.”

CVS Health Summer Spanish Immersion Internship

CVS Health is proud to have hosted the inaugural 10-week Summer Spanish Immersion Internship program this summer.

The 20 selected Pharmacy Interns have basic to moderate Spanish fluency and are interested in relocating post-graduation to a Dominant Spanish market to help serve Hispanic patients.

The pharmacy interns that participated are enrolled in a college of pharmacy and worked across seven states. They had the opportunity to be immersed in CVS stores that have a Hispanic dominant patient population.  These bilingual students served our Hispanic population in unique ways.

The interns spent time diving deep into cultural competencies such as disease state prevalence in Hispanics, familiarity with OTC products used within the Hispanic population, and understanding cultural barriers to health care.  Our hope is to help increase Spanish fluency and create a larger workforce of Spanish speaking pharmacists to best serve the growing Hispanic population within the United States.

Spanish Immersion Intern Event
#TeamCVS attending UNIDAD of Miami Beach

One of our interns, Kevin Malloy, a 2nd-year pharmacy student from Virginia Commonwealth University recently attended a community health fair.  Kevin wrote of his experience:

“Last Friday I was fortunate enough to attend a community health fair at UNIDAD of Miami Beach. At the health fair, I was accompanying Navarro District Supervisor Chanel Valcarcel and Pharmacy Manager at #10709, Juan Rivera. We were joined by other representatives from various health care fields including dental, medical insurance, and social work professionals.

The population at the event was made up of female senior citizens, a majority of whom were Hispanic. I had the best time meeting and speaking will all of the people there. The majority of the women were there with questions; some just wanted to speak with Dr. Rivera, who knew many of them from his pharmacy up the street. Most of my time was spent talking to the community members while Dr. Rivera took their blood pressure. Some of the women had questions about their medications & immunizations, but they also shared some of their other health concerns such as insurance and finding new physicians.

The event was a great experience for an aspiring community pharmacist like myself. It was relevant to speak to people and focus on their individual questions and problems that they brought regarding their medication and health history. As an example, I had the opportunity to speak with one community member about her concerns with beginning the bisphosphonate therapy she has recently been prescribed.

The patient was very well-educated and health literate, and it was a unique experience for me to conduct a conversation with her that addressed her concerns to starting therapy. I learned a lot, got great first-hand experience working with senior citizens in a community setting, and I had a fun time.

Thank you to CVS Health, Navarro, Juan, and Chanel for allowing me to participate.”

We are excited for our interns’ experiences, like Kevin’s, and the impact they are making on a community. Sign up below for more information about how you can participate in our expanded program in 2018!