Backpack to Briefcase; University Students Gain Experience During CVS Health’s Summer Intern Program 2017

This summer, in 2017, we had a successful outcome of the internship program, here at CVS Health, in our corporate offices. With 72 interns located in 6 different states across the U.S., the students in our master’s/MBA program and undergraduate program have had vast opportunities in their departments to learn about the company and gain the experience they will need when applying for a full-time position.

Meet our interns:

Rafael Rodriguez is an undergraduate student at Syracuse University, studying supply chain management and marketing and working in the Woonsocket distribution center this summer as a Distribution Center Leadership Intern. What Rafael likes most about interning at CVS Health is how his supervisors had set him up to succeed by providing him the resources and tools that he needs to help him with his project. Rafael can apply his knowledge from his classes at college to his internship. When Rafael tells his friends and family about working for CVS Health, he says, “I tell them how much I am learning from a professional standpoint and the perks of working for CVS like my discount card, my office, and how great the team I am working with is.”

Kaina Chen is a Pharmacy Product Development Intern this summer and is an undergraduate student at Dartmouth College, studying chemistry and government. When deciding where to intern, Kaina loved CVS Health because of her interest in health care, as well as the people who had a great influence on her during the interview process. Hearing about current employees’ real-world experiences with the company drew Kaina to the position she has now at CVS Health in the undergraduate internship program. Kaina is proud to share that her “experience in the product development group, so far, has been consistently engaging, and I appreciate everyone who is so willing to give me insights on the day-to-day operations. It is exciting to be constantly surrounded by individuals who are extremely perceptive about the business environment and are constantly thinking a dozen steps ahead.”

Matt Muron is working as an Inventory Intern this summer while getting his MBA at Indiana State University with a concentration in business analytics, and supply chain management with a minor in finance. While searching for an MBA internship program, he “found CVS to be a company that genuinely lives out its purpose of creating a better, healthier world; doing so not only as part of its corporate social responsibility role, but also, as a direct means of achieving its mission”. What excites Matt about working at CVS Health is how the company touches so many people in a positive way and how, no matter what department you work in, you make an impact on the company, as well as on the customers that shop in our locations and use our pharmacy. Matt loves the fun and relaxed work environment as well as the friendliness of everyone he comes across at work. He advises future interns to “keep an open mind about your career possibilities” because of the availability of many different opportunities and departments at CVS Health.

Trent Tolbert is an MBA student and an Inventory Analyst Rx Returns Intern here at CVS Health. Trent attended the undergraduate business school at Dartmouth College, obtained his master’s in management studies at Duke University, and is currently attending Emory University to get an MBA with a concentration in finance. Trent’s project this summer is “to calculate our ‘Waste Floor,’ the unavoidable systematic risk inherent in our industry and current business practices.” Trent loves working for CVS Health because of the company’s moral integrity and the great decisions CVS Health continues to make to help customers. As an MBA intern at CVS Health, Trent appreciates “seeing the direct impact of my work. My project has tremendous scope and freedom so knowing that my project’s output could affect ~10K stores and our millions of customers is tremendous.”

Gui Serrano was a previous intern in the MBA program at CVS Health, working as a marketing and strategy intern in Store Brands. His hard work and his experience with his internship at CVS Health opened up several opportunities at the company. His internship led him to several promotions to his current title of Brand Manager. What enticed Gui to work in Store Brands and retail as a whole was the amount of growth available in the department as well as the fact that “Our decisions today impact sales tomorrow, and I am being literal. We can execute on our strategies and see how customers react on a daily basis.” The thing that truly excites Gui about the company is that “CVS is probably the only retailer in the drug channel that actually stands for something and makes purposeful decisions.”