Reflections From Former CVS Health Pharmacy Resident Gregory Bresin

Last week we started a new series highlighting our Pharmacy Residents experiences and updating where they are now and any future plans they may have in their careers.

Today we are happy to share reflection from Gregory Bresin.  Greg is a Managed Care Resident out of Pittsburgh, PA.

Pharmacy Residents
From left to right: Colleagues Michelle Nguyen, Corey Wilson, Vimal Thottapurathu, and Greg working hard at Sanofi in Bridgewater, NJ

Looking back on this year I believe the most rewarding experience has been getting to work with so many great colleagues and mentors. Every person that I was able to work with was very willing to help develop my skills to grow into a stronger professional. In addition to my formal preceptors and mentors, being able to work with such an intelligent and hard working group of co-residents made the experience just that much more beneficial.

I am very excited to be staying with the CVS Health starting a role as a Clinical Advisor supporting our health plan line of business. I celebrated my new role with a short trip to Florida and I am excited to be settling well into my new role.

If you are considering a career as a Pharmacist, I encourage you to see what CVS Health has to offer. CVS is truly a place where you can make a difference and grow your career in whichever direction you desire.


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Business Units Hiring at the NBMBAA/Prospanica 2017:

  • Account Management
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  • Inventory Management & Supply Chain
  • Merchandising
  • Retail Field Management
  • Retail Product Innovation & Development
  • Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Product and Process Innovation
  • Pharmacy Operations
  • Enterprise Strategy

Choosing the right internship can be one of the biggest decisions you make. It’s a choice that can shape your future. Learn more about MBA internships at CVS Health on our career site at this link

CVS Health Interns Lead with Heart

Andre Jankowski started his career at CVS Health by interning with the company in 2016 as a summer intern working in the Inventory department.

After graduating Bryant University, with a Supply Chain Management and Psychology major, in 2017 Andre joined full-time and is now working as a Senior Consultant in Inventory Operations.

What excites him about working for CVS Health is that there are “so many different people working together to support CVS Health’s purpose: to help people on the path to better health.” He has created a special bond with his teammates, making CVS Health feel like his home away from home. Being surrounded by a supportive and diverse community has helped Andre grow within the company and keeps him motivated.

According to Andre, there is no typical day at CVS Health, which he admires. He comes into work every day open-minded and curious what the day will bring to him because his managers are assigning him projects with his team even if he does not have a background in what the project is. His managers’ faith in him keeps Andre motivated and energized to come into work every day. Also, the way in which shoppers purchase items and their experience is consistently changing, and in Andre’s role, he gets to be a part of that and being a part of CVS Health in general.

Being a recent college graduate, Andre has several career goals for his future to work on, which includes “learning the various parts of the supply chain through hands on work experience, I would like to understand how top companies like CVS Health, ranked #7 on the Fortune 500 list, can move the amount of product they do in the way that they do. Once I understand many different aspects of the supply chain, I would like to step out of the corporate world and consult for small companies doing process optimization and helping them to understand how supply chains work.”

When Andre thinks of what “leading with heart” means to him, he says, “To lead with heart is to understand that everyone is human, we all have parents or loved ones, maybe children and best friends. When we are making decisions that are going to affect people in the world we need to keep in mind that we are all human and we need to look out for one another!”

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CVS Health Summer Spanish Immersion Internship

CVS Health is proud to have hosted the inaugural 10-week Summer Spanish Immersion Internship program this summer.

The 20 selected Pharmacy Interns have basic to moderate Spanish fluency and are interested in relocating post-graduation to a Dominant Spanish market to help serve Hispanic patients.

The pharmacy interns that participated are enrolled in a college of pharmacy and worked across seven states. They had the opportunity to be immersed in CVS stores that have a Hispanic dominant patient population.  These bilingual students served our Hispanic population in unique ways.

The interns spent time diving deep into cultural competencies such as disease state prevalence in Hispanics, familiarity with OTC products used within the Hispanic population, and understanding cultural barriers to health care.  Our hope is to help increase Spanish fluency and create a larger workforce of Spanish speaking pharmacists to best serve the growing Hispanic population within the United States.

Spanish Immersion Intern Event
#TeamCVS attending UNIDAD of Miami Beach

One of our interns, Kevin Malloy, a 2nd-year pharmacy student from Virginia Commonwealth University recently attended a community health fair.  Kevin wrote of his experience:

“Last Friday I was fortunate enough to attend a community health fair at UNIDAD of Miami Beach. At the health fair, I was accompanying Navarro District Supervisor Chanel Valcarcel and Pharmacy Manager at #10709, Juan Rivera. We were joined by other representatives from various health care fields including dental, medical insurance, and social work professionals.

The population at the event was made up of female senior citizens, a majority of whom were Hispanic. I had the best time meeting and speaking will all of the people there. The majority of the women were there with questions; some just wanted to speak with Dr. Rivera, who knew many of them from his pharmacy up the street. Most of my time was spent talking to the community members while Dr. Rivera took their blood pressure. Some of the women had questions about their medications & immunizations, but they also shared some of their other health concerns such as insurance and finding new physicians.

The event was a great experience for an aspiring community pharmacist like myself. It was relevant to speak to people and focus on their individual questions and problems that they brought regarding their medication and health history. As an example, I had the opportunity to speak with one community member about her concerns with beginning the bisphosphonate therapy she has recently been prescribed.

The patient was very well-educated and health literate, and it was a unique experience for me to conduct a conversation with her that addressed her concerns to starting therapy. I learned a lot, got great first-hand experience working with senior citizens in a community setting, and I had a fun time.

Thank you to CVS Health, Navarro, Juan, and Chanel for allowing me to participate.”

We are excited for our interns’ experiences, like Kevin’s, and the impact they are making on a community. Sign up below for more information about how you can participate in our expanded program in 2018!


CVS Health Internship Update

By Chloe Skraly, 2017 CVS Health Recruitment Marketing Intern

As a new intern here at CVS Health, I have been given the opportunity to learn a lot as a new young professional in the workplace. The experience so far also made me glad to choose CVS Health as the company to intern for this summer. Everyone here is so friendly and willing to help, and my managers are always here to get me up on my feet when I may feel like I have fallen a little bit and need guidance.

What truly made CVS Health stand out to me with their internship program was the amazing speakers they brought in the first two days of orientation. Having past interns who were offered a full-time position and chose to stay with CVS Health opened up my eyes as a rising University senior to what CVS truly means to the people who work here every day. With only positive things to say about the internship program and the company as a whole, it excited me to be a part of such a great team of people who care so much about this company and our customers. I have learned that CVS Health truly puts their focus on the customer and what they want. The “alumni,” as you could call them, of the CVS Health intern program demonstrated the relevant projects they worked on and how they applied to the company. They felt that they had made a small difference in such a large company, which was great to hear.

The activity the interns did the first day of our orientation was really fun, and we all had a great time innovating and collaborating as undergrads (Masters and Undergrad students were separated for the activity). No one was negative or had a bad thing to say about the activity because we got to work together on ideas that we thought could help benefit CVS Health’s mobile application.

Being a student at Bryant University, I have participated in several activities like this, so I was excited to help out and work in a group as I do at school. What I think all of the interns, including myself, enjoyed a lot was the first night of orientation when we all went bowling together and had dinner. This made it easy to socialize with other young adults in a non-corporate setting to help us all get comfortable with each other and bond as a group.

By the third day of my internship, I was already attending vendor meetings with my team and got to learn a part of what my team does on a day-to-day basis. I have also been given projects that I know will help my team as a whole. I am glad I get to be a part of an organization that cares about my experience here at CVS Health and wants to help me learn about working in marketing and gain the real experience I need as a graduating student.

Learn more about internships at CVS Health